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The advancement of any company is marked by obstacles and rewards. With a comprehensive array of Strategic Planning, Business Development and M&A Advisory services, Chesapeake is uniquely positioned to help you chart your course to success.

Progress, transition, growth

Any worthy venture begins with a destination in mind.   Chesapeake’s Strategic Planning services are centered on your company’s ultimate objectives. By facilitating the drafting, implementation and evaluation of critical cross-functional decisions, we ensure that you’re on the right path to success.

Our process begins with assisting you in delineating your organization’s specific mission, vision and objectives. From there, we work with you to develop policies, plans, projects and programs specifically designed to best achieve your aims.

In the world of business, information is key. Only with learned insight and penetrating analysis can a company hope to achieve its growth objectives. At Chesapeake we offer the targeted, vital information that you need to grow. We analyze your particular markets, customers, competitors and capabilities, giving you informed perspective  to support your growth ambitions.

To chart the best course for profitable revenue growth, we partner with you to identify appropriate growth channels including:

  1. Diversification (New Products/New Markets)
  2. Market Development (Existing Products/New Market)
  3. Product Development (New Products/Existing Market)
  4. Market Penetration (Existing Products/Existing Markets)

If your growth strategy demands capabilities above and beyond your in-house resources, Chesapeake is expert at identifying potential acquisition targets that will bolster your performance. By leveraging our diverse industry expertise and broker/dealer network, we’re able to offer research and analysis that outshine even the highest industry standards.

Chesapeake also provides expert consulting services for merger integrations, divestitures, joint ventures, fundraising and strategic alliances.

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Chesapeake is uniquely positioned to help you chart your course to success